-Oh Weawy Travel’ ews. How pi’iful you are in such a wowd as this. Oh don’t worry,.. no worry.
-Death only lies outside these wonderful wall of ours, and so they are awen’t they. HA
-Or awe these old ideals ouwt of date, yes. Yes my Cully wouldnt you agree.
-Oh yes! our walls keep out the creatures that walk these lands but maybe the ones unseen to our eyes are beginning to seep into our oh so pewfect cities.
-Maybe Pre’ee lil’ Peminim was first to see it. My gullet I’d say soo. HA’HAHAAA.
-Maybe these gods so igh and mightee they awe set this wowd against us from the BEGINNIN’.
-Wewp, Welcome Sir’ o-so-young-and-pre’ee, TO Mejis! Hahe. Maybe you can sleep safe knowing the waws will pretect ye. Eases youw Mind when what you can’t see makes youw Air Stand on End, so it will, HA’HAHAAA.
-Hope youw Preparin’ for the Fair-a-Day Week. Gods be praised and what nonsense.
-Spose you be on ya way. Take wif ya this, Be Purt Cully, eye… very Pert in deed. For you’ll need youw wits about ye with whats commin next..

The Savage World of Gryndellor

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